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15 / Сен / 2020
Dairy Industries

Joining up in Russia

Modernising dairy products and packaging is picking up speed in Russia as its industry enjoys significant growth. Global dairy brand Danone is strong across the region, with its dedication to delivering both traditional dairy favourites alongside creating updated products that meet changing trends supported by its packaging partner, RETAL.
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10 / Сен / 2020
Business Focus


Globally-active plastic packaging solutions manufacturer RETAL is implementing a ‘defined, robust’ Health & Safety project across all its 17 international factories.
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25 / Авг / 2020

Sustainable procurement implemented at RETAL

Implementing sustainable procurement practices across global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL’s supply chain illustrates its on-going focus on implementing holistic and efficient CSR management following the ISO 26000 standard.
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10 / Авг / 2020
Plastics in Packaging

Standardised safety

People didn’t sign off corporate emails with ‘Be safe!’ before March 2020. Keeping safe has taken on a whole new meaning since the global pandemic has pulled the rug out from all of us. Health and safety has always had a responsibility beyond a legal requirement, yet now corporations value its role in keeping its workforce – and its profits – as safe as possible.
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