20 / Май / 2021
In the media / Business Focus


Global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL is pleased to report on its EPR progress across its Russian facilities, with all secondary packaging responsibly accounted for in accordance with the Extended Producer regulations.
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11 / Май / 2021
In the media / Medical Plastics News

Pioneering R&D anti-virucidal films project

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for a reliable supply of PPE to the healthcare professionals and essential workers that the rest of us rely on to keep our lives running as smoothly as possible.
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29 / Апр / 2021
Press release

АО «РЕТАЛ» в России предоставляет отчет по РОП

Международный производитель пластиковой упаковки RETAL предоставляет отчет о своих действиях в области расширенной ответственности производителей (РОП) на заводах в России, где вся использованная упаковка учитывается в соответствии с законодательными требованиями. 
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20 / Апр / 2021
In the media / Industry Europe

Go With The Flow

The macro-trend of operational excellence has unlimited interpretations when it comes to its micro-integration. To be able to purposefully and accurately define and manage a project that has clear goals is the function of project management, with operational excellence usually at its heart.
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19 / Апр / 2021
In the media / Plastics in Packaging

Careers in packaging

The packaging industry offers a microcosm of the corporate world when it comes to career opportunities. The broad range of careers available in plastics packaging manufacturing allows for extensive professional development, in a sector that is proudly embracing the vocal demands of the brands and consumers that are its active stakeholders.
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15 / Апр / 2021
In the media / Sustainable Plastics

What would Sweden do?

It’s said that the best time to start a pension is when you started working, and the second-best time is today. The circular economy is rather similar, in that ideal time to start would have been ages ago, and the next best time is now. Thankfully, we can look at how Sweden has done it. Rather than thinking ‘oh, it’s too late for the rest of us now’, we can just jump in and do the right thing from now on.
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14 / Апр / 2021
In the media / PETplanet

Retal USA: New sales team

Retal’s US plant, Retal PA in Donora, PA, reports increased productivity across their operation. CEO and president Darius Janulionus, who took over the running of the fast-growing plant from his role as production director for Retal Lithuania, says,
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02 / Апр / 2021
In the media / SP News

Films are on a roll

While plastic bottles get the all the media attention and infrastructure investment, plastic films are quietly sitting there, being useful and, sometimes, recycled. With only 9 % of all plastic films currently being recycled, the less visible cousin of the plastic bottle has a valuable role to play in the circular economy, particulary with regards to consumer understanding of standard recycling collections.
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28 / Мар / 2021
In the media / Dairy Industries

Going the distance

Global plastic packaging manufacturer Retal is actively working with a leading food and agri-business to manufacture a PET preform that helps to extend the shelf life of its popular refrigerated drinking yoghurt in Africa.
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