06 / Ноя / 2020
Sustainable Packaging News

Increased recycled material uptake part of RETAL’s CSR…

Increased investment to support its role in the circular economy is very much on the agenda at plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL, with new equipment and management implementation bringing quantifiable CSR results.
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30 / Окт / 2020

Инвестиции в развитие RETAL Baltic Films

Несмотря на все сложности 2020 года, международный производитель пластиковой упаковки RETAL продолжает активно инвестировать в развитие компании.
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23 / Окт / 2020
Cyprus Times

RETAL Cyprus celebrates its 5th Birthday

In all the best success stories, it is not one person that makes the difference, but rather a motivated team of like-minded individuals that come together to achieve a big goal. This is certainly true of RETAL Cyprus, the Limassol-based plastic packaging factory, part of RETAL Industries, which celebrated its fifth anniversary on 9th October this year.  
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20 / Окт / 2020
Packaging Today

Together forever

Brands overlook the importance of innovative closures to their detriment, as clever caps deliver protection of product as well as convenience.
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09 / Окт / 2020

RETAL Cyprus празднует свой 5-летний юбилей

За каждой историей успешного бизнеса стоит команда целеустремленных единомышленников, объединившихся для достижения большой цели. Это в полной мере относится к RETAL Cyprus, заводу по производству пластиковой упаковки в Лимассоле, входящего в состав RETAL Industries, который 9 октября этого года отметил свое пятилетие.  
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15 / Сен / 2020
Dairy Industries

Joining up in Russia

Modernising dairy products and packaging is picking up speed in Russia as its industry enjoys significant growth. Global dairy brand Danone is strong across the region, with its dedication to delivering both traditional dairy favourites alongside creating updated products that meet changing trends supported by its packaging partner, RETAL.
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25 / Авг / 2020

Sustainable procurement implemented at RETAL

Implementing sustainable procurement practices across global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL’s supply chain illustrates its on-going focus on implementing holistic and efficient CSR management following the ISO 26000 standard.
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31 / Июл / 2020

Внедрение международных стандартов в области охраны здоровья и…

Международный производитель пластиковой упаковки RETAL инициирует важный проект по внедрению единого стандарта в области охраны здоровья и безопасности труда на всех своих 17 заводах.
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28 / Июл / 2020
Simply Communicate

Stay connected: Adapting intranet needs at RETAL

Effective internal communications for a global company brings many advantages but can be hard to implement and maintain. With various stakeholders and their differing needs, creating an engaging communications strategy is an opportunity for commercial and organisational goals to be met.
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