Film innovation creates resealable cheese packaging

The team of rigid and flexible film experts at RETAL Baltic Films has created a range of sustainable solutions for mono-packaging to support the recyclability goals of its customers in the food and film conversion markets. The APET and top-lidding films can be individually designed according to customers’ needs. The in-house packaging equipment installed at RETAL Baltic Films helps to cut downtime on customers’ production lines.

Particularly well suited to food safe packaging applications, the mono solution offers excellent resealability, helping to reduce food waste and cut food bills by keeping the product fresh after opening.

Vikorija Griziene, General Manager at RETAL Baltic Films, explained how the company has successfully created resealable packaging that is ideal for sliced cheeses and deli meats: “Developing resealable packaging is a huge technical challenge because it is important that the packaging offers the necessary barrier properties. Sliced cheese needs the right environment inside the packaging; no moisture but not too dry either, so the product has a good shelf life, even after it’s been opened and closed many times. We’ve conducted a wide range of technical trials to be sure that we can offer a range of top lidding and bottom film solutions that are both resealable and recyclable.”

These in-house technical trials highlight how sourcing both rigid-bottom and top-lidding films from one supplier means that the all-important reliability relationship between the two can be tested and guaranteed to deliver.

“Our customers in the dairy industry want to commit to sustainable packaging as much as we do,” Ms Griziene said, “so by working together to understand the performance requirements of resealable packaging for sliced cheese and harnessing our long-standing technical abilities in creating recyclable film, we’ve been able to make a full mono solution with high barrier properties, and a resealable top lidding solution using mono APET.”

Mono APET has a high potential for growth compared to other thermoformed polymers like PS and PP thanks to its toughness, dimensional stability and clarity. It can be moulded into practically any shape, and, because of its durability, it is ideal for sensitive applications such as food containers, beverage bottles and medical devices. Mono APET offers excellent barrier properties, food safety and is 100% recyclable.

“This innovation in food safe packaging gives our customers a choice,” concluded Ms Griziene. “As the bottom tray uses the most raw material, packaging producers have traditionally focused on making it recyclable. But to have a complete mono APET top and bottom solution for sliced cheeses and meats is really exciting. We understand the whole relationship; the sealing, the resealing. It’s a complete solution.”

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