Laser engraving adds value to beverage closures

Laser engraving brings new marketing opportunities for beverage brands, with Retal collaborating with global customers to make easy to read and cheap to incorporate closure solutions.

By adding laser engraved images and codes to the underside of the HDPE closure, RETAL can provide a fresh new opportunity for customer engagement. Competitions, special offers and further information can all be shared, with QR codes, outlined pictures and sequential or random codes all able to be clearly engraved for carbonated and still beverages.

Thanks to infrared and UV laser engraving, RETAL can engrave on almost all colours, using one or both solutions. Andzejus Buinosvskis, design engineer at the global plastic packaging manufacturer, says, “The potential for marketing is endless with laser engraving on closures. The machine can be set to engrave random codes, codes that relate to lotteries or prizes...we can even engrave an image of the prize itself! It's fantastic because of course there is a vastly reduced risk of the consumer checking to see if they've won a prize without buying the product, as can happen with on-label promotions for example.”

The engraved closure adds limited cost, the ultraviolet solution in particular as no additional additive is required to support the absorption of the laser beam. Buinosvskis says, “Laser engraving is a very effective marketing tool. If necessary, we can engrave with two lasers simultaneously in order to suit all colours of closures and, by working with our customers to create designs that are perfectly in tune with their current requirements, it adds a unique touchpoint for consumers.”

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