RETAL cleans up with WFO in Cyprus

The first of RETAL’s clean-up events has taken place in with more than 30 volunteers removing plastic waste from the coastline to be repurposed into meaningful products.

Joining forces with Waste Free Oceans, RETAL employees and their families collected discarded plastic waste from the Lady’s Mile area coast in Limassol, highlighting the role of plastic packaging companies in the fight against plastic pollution.

The group of volunteers was bolstered by 13 members of the RETAL-sponsored Apollon Ladies’ Football Club, including VP George Ollandos, who were keen to show how a strong team spirit helps make challenging situations far more positive.

Hagai Golan, RETAL Cyprus General Manager, said: “This was a true team event bringing together RETAL people, WFO and the Apollon Ladies FC and making for an impressive group that showed how positive action can create a ripple effect. The festival was also an excellent opportunity to show our local community what RETAL is doing to mitigate our environmental impact.”

RETAL’s clean-up event was combined with the annual Environment & Recycling Festival in the Molos area of Limassol, with the strapline ‘Build Good Habits’ aiming to raise public awareness. Here, RETAL’s stand offered ‘Raising Awareness’ brochures, with many local people visiting the stand to discuss recycling, circular economy and future of positive plastic.

Emmanuel Duffaut, RETAL’s Sustainability Director, added: “We are determined to be active and responsible in our role in the circular economy. By partnering with Waste Free Oceans, we are able to see how collecting visible plastic waste from our coastlines helps promote a positive second life for plastic.”

RETAL is a PET preform supplier and active member of Waste Free Oceans, which targets converters, governments, companies, and the public to inspire recovery, recycling and reuse.

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