Sophisticated software supports sustainability

By Emmanuel Duffaut, Sustainability Director, RETAL

The common thread running through all industries is sustainability. Th edesire and the demand to design, manufacture and supply products and services that are as responsible as they are reliable.

For the packaging industry, this mega trend has the particular sense of urgency. With the perfect strom of an increasing demand for convenience matched only by the increasing understanding of our environmental footprint, all stakeholders in the packaging value chain must do all they can to deliver sustainable solutions.

Global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL develops and produces high quality packaging solutions, including PET (polyethilene terephtalate) preforms, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) closures, PET containers and films. Employing over 1500 people, operating 17 production sites in 10 countries and supplying customers in over 60 countroes worldwide, RETAL has gained its reputation for quality and flexibility thanks to continued strategic investment and an ability to deliver packaging solutions.

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