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14 / mai / 2020
Packaging Europe

Live! Coronavirus coverage:packed food manufacturers turn to direct-to-consumer channel

Renata Smataviciene, EU & US Quality Director at RETAL recently spoke with Packaging Europe about the effects the pandemic is having on her company.
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30 / avril / 2020
Sustainable Plastics

Design to recycle: the changing sound of the circular economy

The plastic packaging industry will, like every other industry, have a 'before coronavirus' and an 'after coronavirus'. Having been largely positioned as part of the essential food supply chain during the global pandemic, it will thankfully not have suffered the same dramatic financial impact as many other sectors, yet this does not mean that impact has not been felt.  
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28 / avril / 2020
Manufacturing Journal

RETAL utilises Quality Management protocol during coronavirus

While nobody predicted the global coronavirus pandemic, now it's here we can make sure to learn lessons that support and strengthen our businesses from now on. Part of the 'new normal' will be to ensure that heightened best practice is maintained across manufacturing, helping to protect our people and our profits.
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20 / avril / 2020

Sustainable films

Retal increases their sustainability-focused films portfolio with the introduction of up-to 100& rPET films. These food-grade films are made from all colours and all kinds of PET scrap (post-consumer PET bottle, trays and industrial).
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