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26 / Nov / 2019

Better together – tethered closures from RETAL

Global PET, rPET and HDPE packaging producer RETAL presented its innovative tethered closures at this month's BrauBeviale trade show.  Suitable for water, carbonated soft drinks and aseptic products, tethered closures from RETAL manage to connect the two key industry drivers of sustainability and convenience, enabling its global beverage brand customers to stay in line with the latest EU directive for single use plastics. 
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20 / Nov / 2019

RETAL values collaboration at BrauBeviale

BrauBeviale 2019 highlighted the sustainability potential of collaboration across the beverage value chain, with the RETAL team proud to present its tethered closure solutions alongside innovation ideas from key industry stakeholders.
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11 / Nov / 2019


Global PET packaging manufacturer RETAL has signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration, adding its voice to the global shift towards sustainable and circular plastic packaging, and heightened demand for firms to take the lead in their production.
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17 / Okt / 2019

RETAL Team Cleans Up with WFO in Cyprus

The first of RETAL’s clean up events took place in Cyprus on October 12th, with over 30 volunteers removing plastic waste from the coastline to be repurposed into meaningful products.
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