Mitigating climate change at RETAL

The continual integration of CSR practices at global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL sees it constantly improving its management and mitigation of climate change, with the calculation of its corporate carbon footprint (CCF) for the third year in a row.

Sustainability director Emmanuel Duffaut established a network across RETAL’s plants to gather the information to calculate its CCF according to the ISO 14064 standard, which is then verified by 3rd party. RETAL’s CCF results and climate change management practices are evaluated through the public Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change Survey, in which RETAL has obtained an industry-leading B score 2 years in a row.

Duffaut explains, “The CCF and CDP evaluations are crucial for us to clearly see the impact of our mitigation efforts, identify our shortcomings and opportunities for improvement, and to build trust with our stakeholders through transparent and credible disclosure.”

Global and local food and beverage customers can quickly and easily get the CSR information they need from their RETAL contact, as well as accessing its annual Sustainability Report.

Duffaut continues, “There are certainly very positive results to share; for example, in 2020 thanks to increasing our purchase of renewable energy (RE), we reduced our operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30%, saving over 30.000 tons of GHG. We also purchase 41% renewable electricity globally – 80% in our EU and US plants – almost reaching our objective of 85% set for 2022 already. We also maintained our B rating in CDP which is another achievement showing good climate change management. Building on these good results, we’ve set a series of new goals: RETAL has committed to set science-based reduction targets for GHG emissions, to use 100% RE in EU & US by 2023, to start using RE in the rest of our operations by 2025, and to reach an A score at CDP by 2025.”

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