RETAL Baltic Films enjoys strategic investment

Despite the unforeseen difficulties of 2020, global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL continues to actively invest. The RETAL Baltic Films plant in Klaipeda officially opened its modern production R&D laboratory and additional 4000 sq.m warehouse for storage of finished products in October, thanks to a EUR4.5 million investment.

The new laboratory is fully equipped with the latest machinery, opening new opportunities for the company to quickly create and produce higher volumes of sustainable packaging films. The expansion of the administrative and warehouse premises will improve the company’s operational efficiency, as greater stocks of finished products will mean faster deliveries.

RETAL Baltic Films General Manager Viktoria Griziene notes that the new laboratory, which has already been certified by one of the world's largest beverage producers, will allow the company to expand its research on caps and maximise completely new opportunities for the film segment. “Now we can test every idea and opportunity; simulating the entire packaging process, reproducing the conditions or technologies of our customers, including filling and capping, which will allow us to optimise all the parameters of our product, including being more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle.”

The combination of high professionalism and the striving of the RETAL team for continual development guarantees the company a competitive advantage, and ensures a trusting relationship with customers, who are primarily global food and beverage brands. Ms Grisiene emphasises: “The new RETAL Baltic laboratory, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, is ready to conduct in-depth analysis of the technical and consumer properties of our customers’ products and any changes in their formula, including new additives, design modifications or new materials. We can test both prototypes and the products themselves - films, preforms and closures. The laboratory has installed Zeiss coordinate measuring machines, a Zalkin pilot capping line, and equipment for testing the strength of the closure in accordance with the requirements of leading global brands."

Alexander Grinko, head of the quality department at RETAL, is confident that the use of its own testing equipment, combined with the high technical knowledge of its specialists, assures stable product quality. Mr. Grinko notes: “The new laboratory will provide an even higher level of product quality control for all RETAL factories. Active communication and sharing experience within the company adds to the continual improvement of the testing process and guarantees the supply of high-quality products to our customers in the shortest possible time."

Customers will also benefit from the new warehouse facilities, which are equipped with a software-based racking system and an increased number of shipping bins, as the additional storage volumes and efficient inventory management will ensure faster and more flexible deliveries.

Employees can enjoy more comfortable conditions too, as the investment in the administrative facilities includes a new canteen, a larger changing area, and considerably more space throughout the offices on site.

In 2021, RETAL Baltic Films expects to maintain and boost production processes and the expertise of its employees, which, together with the upgraded facilities, will provide an excellent basis for its continued success.