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15 / Jun / 2021
Press release

RETAL Design Engineer presents at AMI Plastic Closures…

RETAL design engineer Andzejus Buinovskis presented at the AMI Plastic Closures Innovations Virtual Summit on 2nd - 3rd June, with his informative presentation provoking interesting questions in the Q&A session.
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11 / Mai / 2021
In the media / Medical Plastics News

Pioneering R&D anti-virucidal films project

The global pandemic has highlighted the need for a reliable supply of PPE to the healthcare professionals and essential workers that the rest of us rely on to keep our lives running as smoothly as possible.
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02 / Apr / 2021
In the media / SP News

Films are on a roll

While plastic bottles get the all the media attention and infrastructure investment, plastic films are quietly sitting there, being useful and, sometimes, recycled. With only 9 % of all plastic films currently being recycled, the less visible cousin of the plastic bottle has a valuable role to play in the circular economy, particulary with regards to consumer understanding of standard recycling collections.
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28 / Mrz / 2021
In the media / Dairy Industries

Going the distance

Global plastic packaging manufacturer Retal is actively working with a leading food and agri-business to manufacture a PET preform that helps to extend the shelf life of its popular refrigerated drinking yoghurt in Africa.
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04 / Mrz / 2021
In the media / PETplanet

Retal awarded twice

Retal’s EcoVadis score has increased seven points from last year, taking the global plastic packaging manufacturer to a Silver medal at 58%, further closing-in on its objective to reach 65% by 2022. EcoVadis is the recognised ratings platform to assess corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance.
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02 / Dez / 2020
In the media / Plastics in Packaging

Donate and develop

The modification of APET films to suit the demands of face shields has opened up not just philanthropic avenues for one packaging converter, but also commercial opportunities.
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03 / Nov / 2020
Drink World Technology

Crowning Glory – Exclusive  Closure  Highlights  Collaboration

Working together to create a complicated closure has been a positive and commercially beneficial project for both RETAL and PepsiCo.   The resulting crown-shaped cap helps to ‘guarantee the preservation of the first-class taste and useful properties of the fruits within thanks to a unique combination of functional parts and clever design.  
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20 / Okt / 2020
Packaging Today

Together forever

Brands overlook the importance of innovative closures to their detriment, as clever caps deliver protection of product as well as convenience.
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01 / Okt / 2020
Plastics in Packaging

Stay connected with tethered caps

Plastics packaging manufacturers are keen to stay ahead of changing EU legislation in order to be a positive influence and supporter of the circular economy.
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