25 / May / 2022
Press release

Expansion continues at RETAL PA

The expansion of plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL in Donora, PA continues with investment, recruitment and production all stepping up a gear.
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05 / May / 2022
Press release

RETAL Plastec award for strong financial performance

RETAL Plastec has received the prestigious High Budget Honor from the “Aula Magna Mario Arcelli” of the Luiss Guido Carli University.
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04 / May / 2022
Packaging in Europe

The Rapid Interview with RETAL

Emmanuel Duffaut, sustainability director at RETAL, discusses the sustainable potential and performance advantages of PET for FMCGs in our latest Rapid Interview.
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01 / Feb / 2022


RETAL is fast-growing manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions, including preforms, closures, bottles, containers and films.
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17 / Dic / 2021
Plastics in Packaging

Careers in packaging

Authenticity is a key driver for success, with the understanding that happiness and profitability come when people – and businesses – are working in tune with their ‘why’.
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07 / Oct / 2021
In the media / Industry Europe

RETAL Plastec: We Are Family

Integrating a proudly family-owned company into an established global manufacturer without losing the precious elements that make it a profitable workplace for a loyal workforce is a story of generosity and open-mindedness.
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11 / Ago / 2021
In the media / Easy Engineering


Global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL is one of the largest suppliers of packaging solutions in Romania, coming closely behind local producers.
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21 / Jul / 2021
Press release

Equality is flying high at RETAL

RETAL Baltic and RETAL Lithuania have both been awarded two wings from the Equal Opportunity Wings initiative, which operates in partnership with the Human Rights Monitoring Institute.
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12 / Jul / 2021
In the media / Packaging Europe

Does everything have to be disruptive?

Staying still is not an option in the packaging industry. Repeating the same techniques and offering the same ideas doesn’t mean timeless quality, but rather outdated concepts that don’t embrace progress.
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