Joining RETAL Baltic, RETAL Lithuania and RETAL PA (USA), the company's Italian facility is now part of the company’s initiative to reduce its carbon footprint and has switched to 100% renewable energy.

RETAL Italia purchases renewable electricity through the Guaranteed Energy accountability scheme, that certifies that the energy provided by the supplier is effectively produced from renewable sources.

In April 2019, RETAL Italia signed a contract with largest energy and gas supplier SUM, part of the Confindustria organisation that supports manufacturers in buying renewable energy. RETAL Italia has cooperated with SUM and Confindustria for many years. Their deep market knowledge and expert advice gave the possibility to buy renewable electricity that will provide constant and competitively-priced power for RETAL Italia facility.

RETAL’s volume of electricity consumption from renewable sources will now be 37% across the group and 55% in the European Region, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be 37% and 62%, respectively.

Sustainability director Emmanuel Duffault says, “This is excellent progress as we continue to meet our GHG emissions reduction targets, ensure we adhere to our global customers’ CSR requirements and contribute to climate change mitigation.”

RETAL is committed to increase the use of renewable energy and has already identified new opportunities for 2020.

These initiatives are yet another proof of RETAL’s total commitment to sustainable development and taking action to combat climate change.