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15 / Abr / 2020

Coronavirus – Daily Industry Update

Retal donates customised film and expertise to the innovative Robotikos Mokykla to help create over 70,000 masks for healthcare professionals on the frontline of the coronavirus. Retal Baltic General Manager Vikorija Jureviciute responded to an online shout-out from the non-profit organisation, which provides technical education for children
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14 / Abr / 2020
comPETence online

RETAL donates customised film for coronavirus masks

RETAL is delighted to be able to donate customised film and expertise to the innovative Robotikos Mokykla to help create over 70,000 masks for healthcare professionals on the frontline of the coronavirus.
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03 / Abr / 2020
Sustainable Plastics

RETAL volunteers in the fight against COVID-19

Plastics have got a bad rap over the past decade. Plastic packaging, especially, has borne the brunt of public outrage. Yet today, the emergence of COVID-19 and consequent overwhelming demand globally for personal protective equipment have cast new light on the production and use of plastic packaging materials.
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11 / Mar / 2020
Business Focus


Trusted partners enable development over and above what individual companies can do alone. With the right support, service and communication, partners across the supply chain are hugely valued and much appreciated.
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05 / Mar / 2020
Simply Communicate

Corporate intranet supports valuable communication

Effective internal communications for a global company brings many advantages but can be hard to implement and maintain. With various stakeholders and their differing needs, creating an engaging communications strategy is an opportunity for commercial and organisational goals to be met. Global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL shares how developing its intranet has been both more difficult and more rewarding than it expected.
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20 / Feb / 2020


Plastic packaging has a sustainable future. Delivering effective, circular packaging solutions that are both convenient for consumers and don’t negatively impact the planet is a challenge packaging manufacturers and global food and beverage brands are stepping up to.
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20 / Dic / 2019

RETAL PA proudly hosts diversity network event

RETAL PA in Donora, Pennsylvania was delighted to host a Women's Business Enterprise Center East Industry Day this December. With the aim of supporting and promoting women-owned businesses by connecting them with corporations and Government suppliers, the WBEC organisation actively encourages incorporating Diversified Suppliers to connect and network.
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20 / Nov / 2019

RETAL values collaboration at BrauBeviale

BrauBeviale 2019 highlighted the sustainability potential of collaboration across the beverage value chain, with the RETAL team proud to present its tethered closure solutions alongside innovation ideas from key industry stakeholders.
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11 / Nov / 2019


Global PET packaging manufacturer RETAL has signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration, adding its voice to the global shift towards sustainable and circular plastic packaging, and heightened demand for firms to take the lead in their production.
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