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Proof of potential – production manager Matthew Durka’s career in packaging Production manager at RETAL PA Matthew Durka is something of a celebrity across the global RETAL community – and in his native Donora, PA. After being featured in the factory’s ‘Virtual Tour’ (available to watch here on the company’s
YouTube), Matthew’s friendly and informative approach is a great representation of the atmosphere – and opportunities -
40-year-old Matthew has been with RETAL PA since it started production in 2016, with the factory’s HR manager Elizabeth Giecek joking that ‘Matt came with the building’ because he had worked at the previous production factory on the site for 15 years. Matt’s capabilities, positive attitude and ‘ability to get the job done’ have been consistently rewarded with promotions over the past five years, with his current position as production manager including training new recruits to his team, which is currently expanding.
Matthew says, “I was one of the first half dozen employees here and I’m so happy to see us bringing lots more employment opportunities to my hometown. When I started, the factory was just a shell and I’ve loved being involved with every aspect – I know this place from the ground up. I know we offer interesting career opportunities for local people because that’s what’s happened to me.”

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