PET Containers

Plastic bottles
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Operations began in 2014

Production and sale of 120 million containers annually

In the next 4 years, capacity will increase to 1 billion containers

2 manufacturing processes: mono-stage and two-stage

For cold, hot and aseptic filling

A unique container design, shape, volume, properties and thermal stability combine to make products stand out on the shelves. That’s why the market share for PET packaging is increasing in every segment – PET offers excellent choice for manufacturers and brand owners.

Safe, light-weight and transparent. PET containers are ideal for beverages as well as for cosmetics, medical products and granular and spreadable goods. Impressively short lead times are also possible for PET containers, especially when compared to glass or metal.

Wide-mouth PET jars are the most popular form of PET packaging for food products, appealing to customers’ historical preferences .RETAL employs two manufacturing technologies: one-stage and two-stage production.

Both technologies have their advantages, which we take into consideration when proposing your tailored solution.

In discussing PET-packaging projects, RETAL offers customers the full range of possibilities, from product ideas to turn-key solutions. Projects can be implemented at RETAL plants as well as customer facilities.

To choose the best packaging option, contact the specialists on our sales team or technical support team. They will help you make a choice that accounts for your equipment and special requirements.