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Time for closure

Leading global packaging manufacturer Retal develops and produces a range of closures as part of its varied portfolio, alongside preforms, containers and films. Offering PET and, increasingly, rPET, Retal provides standard and bespoke solutions to its large roster of global food and beverage brand customers. Read more

New closure for lighter weight PCO1881, compatible with PCO1810

Among the products that packaging manufacturer Retal exhibited on its stand at Brau Beviale 2018 was its new High Grip closure. This system, which was presented for the first time at the trade fair, features a taller overall design and con­tinuous slats, which are intended to provide an optimised, non-slip opening and closing of beverage bottles. The closure height is at the same level as the classic PCO1810 closures and also fits PCO1881 bottle necks, but only at a weight of 2.45g. Read more

Renewable energy support package given to Lithuania

European Commission approves renewable energy support package to Lithuania worth EUR 1.24 billion in push for energy autonomy ahead of 2020 European Union Energy Directive. Read more


RETAL installs biggest rooftop PV plant in the Baltic States

I+D Energias will install 1389 kilowatts of solar panels on the roof of the 1.46 hectare factory of packaging multinational, RETAL, to become the biggest rooftop solar plant in the Baltic States. Read more


The quest for the perfect preform continues: with smart collaboration between PET packaging solutions provider RETAL and one of its global beverage brand customers to create a bigger, lighter, easier-to-pour container that performs better in every way. Read more


Retal showcased its new high grip closure design at BrauBeviale 2018, which enabled customers and potential partners to discover more options for plastic reduction in their beverage packaging. Read more

Protect Performance with Multilayer Preforms

Leading food and beverage brands understand the importance of protecting their product. Packaging has a major role to play in environmental issues and product safety, with the strict demands of global brands pushing ever-more innovative solutions that protect their product, their consumers and their brand. Read more


RETAL’s major investment in state-of-the-art equipment at its facility near Pittsburg has enabled this leading packaging manufacturer to deliver preforms to make the ‘glass-like look’ of PET using recycled PET - commonly known as rPET. Read more

All4Pack Paris preview

Global packaging solutions company Retal will be present­ing its complete range of PET preforms, closures, containers and films, including its market-leading multilayer technology. Read more



RETAL is fast-growing manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions, including preforms, closures, bottles, containers and films. Read more