Equality is flying high at RETAL

RETAL Baltic and RETAL Lithuania have both been awarded two wings from the Equal Opportunity Wings initiative, which operates in partnership with the Human Rights Monitoring Institute.  

Equal Opportunity Wings - up to a maximum of three – are awarded as acknowledgment of an organisation’s achievements in ‘mainstreaming equal opportunities in the workplace and creating a diverse and inclusive culture’. 

Ruta Ziliene, HR Director for Europe/US, explains, “RETAL Baltic was approved for two wings out of three. We are pleased to have gained two wings at our first assessment and look forward to gaining our third wing as we continue to improve: our next step is to make a deeper analysis of the situation of equal opportunities in the company, and after to prepare and implement an Equality Plan. And we have no doubt that we are on the right path.” 

Simona Zuriene, HR manager at RETAL Lithuania, says, “These two wings show that we are really starting to fly when it comes to the working conditions of our employees. We have more to do and we are working hard to make it happen, for the good of our people and our business.” 

Sustainability Director Emmanuel Duffaut is highly supportive of this initiative. He adds, “I am very glad to see the combined efforts of RETAL Baltic HR and RETAL group CSR being recognised in this official capacity. I am confident that the RBA equality plan, together with the upcoming anonymous whistle blowing channel, our Anti-discrimination policy, and awareness activities will get us the missing wing next year.”