Go With The Flow

The macro-trend of operational excellence has unlimited interpretations when it comes to its micro-integration. To be able to purposefully and accurately define and manage a project that has clear goals is the function of project management, with operational excellence usually at its heart.

So how does that manifest itself in a global manufacturing company that is dedicated to high volumes and high quality – in a sector where regulations are changing? Emma-Jane Batey reports.

Operational excellence is defined as creating value for customers and shareholders thanks to the execution of its operations in the most efficient, effective manner. The idea being that two comparable businesses can have a clear winner depending on who works in the most excellent manner. At a time when globalisation means we can buy almost anything from almost anywhere, that excellence is what makes the difference – and wins the customer.

But what does operational excellence mean on a day-to-day basis? Is it just something that people say because they’ve heard someone else say it in a meeting, or do they actually know how to turn that zoomed-out concept into the hundreds of tiny actions it requires from an engaged team that know what they’re doing?

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