RETAL Cyprus celebrates its 5th Birthday

In all the best success stories, it is not one person that makes the difference, but rather a motivated team of like-minded individuals that come together to achieve a big goal. This is certainly true of RETAL Cyprus, the Limassol-based plastic packaging factory, part of RETAL Industries, which celebrated its fifth anniversary on 9th October this year 

The story first started with a big inauguration in 2015. The importance of RETAL opening and operating a successful factory in Cyprus, where it is headquartered, was clear from this event, as it was attended by the President of Cyprus Mr. Anastasiadis, senior local government officials, the President of RETAL Anatoly Martynov, all of RETAL's board of directors, and its global customers. The event was widely publicised as it highlighted the importance of opening such a modern factory in Cyprus. 

RETAL's plans in this strategically important region - the south part of Europe - have come true. Today it is a successful and dynamically developing business that contributes to the Cyprus economy. The company’s president Mr. Martynov notes, “RETAL has over 20 years of experience in the production of plastic packaging. It is the synergy of our deep understanding of the industry and significant investments in our modern plant that are key to the achievements of RETAL in Cyprus.”

Beyond the facility’s impressive equipment and investment, is the unquantifiable advantage of RETAL Cyprus – its engaged, enthusiastic, and highly trained staff. General manager Mr. Hagai Golan shares: “We started from practically a greenfield site. There were almost no specialists in our industry in Cyprus. We recruited people with technical skills, trained them and together we are achieving our goals. We have enjoyed great support in training from our colleagues in other RETAL plants, bringing their expertise to us here in Cyprus. Our team certainly helped us a great deal during coronavirus crisisour plant operated without interruption and the demand for our products has remained stableAll of this allows us to look confidently to the future." 

RETAL global key account manager Nedko Nedev concludes, “RETAL Cyprus is a game changer one of the leaders in the region. In our first five years we've established high quality standards and reliable business relationships with our local and global customers. Today, about 95of PET packaging for water, beverages and dairy products in Cyprus is produced by RETAL. Also, our products are in demand outside Cyprus, being exported to Greece, Israel and African countries. RETAL Cyprus plans to expand our product range and sales geography in the near future.” 

RETAL Cyprus pays great attention to environmental issues, with extensive investment in solar panels currently providing around 25% of the factory's electricity requirements. The company produces sustainable plastic packaging and utilises its R&D capabilities to offer lightweighted products with a design-to-recycle approach and tethered closures.  Promoting the principles of a circular economy, RETAL Cyprus is actively involved in projects related to rPET usage, carries out plastic pollution awareness initiatives, and takes part in cleanup activities to improve the ecology of the island. 

RETAL Cyprus also takes part in the social life of the country, sponsoring the Apollon Ladies football team, with both groups participating in environmental activities aiming to raise public awareness in Cyprus on plastic usage. 

In its first five years, RETAL Cyprus has become an integral part of the global RETAL company. In the early months, specialists from other RETAL facilities came to Limassol to share their experience. Today, RETAL Cyprus is a hub for key business decisions, strategic planning sessions, and analysing results for the whole group  

The team has ambitious goals, and we hope that by the next anniversary we will have even more to share about the latest achievements of RETAL Cyprus.

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You are welcome to download the report without answering these questions, but we would appreciate your information if possible for our internal analytics. Thank you.

You are welcome to download the report without answering these questions, but we would appreciate your information if possible for our internal analytics. Thank you.