At NPE2018: The Plastics Show, RETAL launches hotfill packaging solution that brings producers huge cost savings. 

Offering substantial ecological advantages, RETAL's hotfill solution delivers reduced weight and allows for lower shipping costs with designs that meet the requirements of top global brands and look fantastic.  

Vlad Gaskarov, RETAL R&D Specialist, says, “We have created a hotfill packaging solution that makes the current design obsolete. It’s a true disruptor in the sector and we’re excited to launch it at this year’s NPE. Not only is it substantially lighter than the current packaging on the market, but it also allows producers to blow the bottles in their own facilities. Brands no longer need to buy empty plastic bottles and have them shipped hundreds of miles. With the new RETAL hotfill  packaging solution, there’s no more shipping air - they blow their own bottles. That’s good for brands and good for the environment.” 

For the North American market RETAL has developed a single-serve design that shaves between 10 to15% off the current weight, with the maximum weight saving when combined with a RETAL neck - a true complete packaging solution. A full range of bottle sizes is planned - with all these valuable innovations IP free. Gaskarov adds, “We have optimized the panel design thanks to better material distribution and the use of an even wall thickness throughout the bottle. This fulfils the requirements of some of the world’s leading beverage brands, which are amongst the strictest in the market.” 

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