RETAL supports HELIOZ clean water community project

The value of PET is clear thanks to Austrian social enterprise HELIOZ, which is committed to bringing safe drinking water to rural communities.

HELIOZ works with global plastic packaging producers to ensure PET water bottles are available in the communities in which the project is active, including parts of India and Uganda, so uncontaminated drinking water can be accessed by the people that need it.

Alina Eglhofer, HELIOZ marketing & communications, explains, “HELIOZ works with plastic packaging partners like RETAL; the PET bottles are a vital part of our toolkit, alongside WADI, our solar powered UV device that measures the solar disinfection of the contaminated water. PET bottles are used repeatedly over a six-month period to provide clean drinking water to communities that do not have easy access to what we take for granted, and then the bottles are recycled by our local partners; nothing is thrown away, everything has value.”

RETAL is delighted to support HELIOZ in its mission, with the ongoing lessons learned such as appreciating that so-called ‘single use plastics’ are anything but, and that local collection of used plastics bring opportunities for businesses as well as the environment. Emmanuel Duffaut, RETAL Sustainability Director, adds, “We are all inspired by the HELIOZ team and their dedication to empowering the local communities in which they work, as well as the acceptance that the local people instinctively see value instead of waste. RETAL is delighted to be partner to HELIOZ as we are keen to be involved with community projects that appreciate natural resources and cleverly utilize the value of PET, as well as raising awareness of PET recycling and collection.”

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