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  • Improve and fine-tune production lines

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Our service and support team is always ready to provide you with technical support and professional assistance. RETAL support specialists are highly experienced in injection molding, blown molding, and sealing plastic products. They are competent in the latest technologies and how to deploy them in your business. In practice, this means that we can configure any blowing machine, chose the best preforms for a specific bottle design, implement any type of preform and closures.



RETAL provides detailed recommendations on how to improve and deploy new solutions to increase production efficiency and cut costs. A preliminary audit of your blowing and filling lines, as well as packaging optimization, allow us to develop the best solutions for transitioning to more economical neck finishes, preforms and closures including when moving to new standards.


Improve and fine-tune production lines

RETAL provides full support when setting up equipment including field visits to customer sites to help with:

  • Optimization and choice of preciseblowing conditions
  • Precise configuration of packaging machines for a specific closures design and equipment calibration using special tools


RETAL also offers the following services:

  • Fabrication of capping cones and hysteresis capping heads
  • Support during line conversion when moving to new head standards
  • Introduction of any film type on various packaging equipment
  • Selection process of optimal film usage

RETAL uses the latest technological solutions. High-speed cameras, reference bottles and other precision equipment are standard tools when providing technical support to customers.