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We are pleased to announce that RETAL has joined PETCore Europe, the non-profit European trade organisation that is the voice of the PET value chain. With a clear focus to promote the collection, sorting and recycling of PET packaging across Europe, PETCore works closely with the EU administration, EU and national sector associations, Governments and the plastic recycling industry.

Becoming a member of PETCore highlights RETAL's ongoing dedication to working collaboratively with the whole PET value chain, with a focus on sustainability and the circular economy.

RETAL's Sustainability Director Emmanuel Duffaut participated in PETCore's Annual General Assembly and Technical Committee in Brussels on 5th - 6th February, giving him the opportunity to discuss the issues facing the PET industry with key players across the value chain.

Duffaut says, “I'm very enthusiastic about RETAL joining PETCore Europe as it allows drivers from the PET industry to interact in a non-competitive way; to listen and to learn from each other, to gain great insights from multi-stakeholder perspectives on the different challenges we face and to develop strategies to overcome these challenges. Most importantly, this established platform lets us focus on the effective foundations of the circular economy: by participating in global fact-finding, we can continue to develop essential knowledge that translates into clear actions. Global knowledge of the circular economy is crucial for us all connected to the PET value chain. RETAL is committed to continuing our active role in this process and we look forward to working with PETCore and its members.”


Renewable energy was celebrated at the official opening of the largest roof-mounted solar powered plant in the Baltic States at global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL's Lentvaris factory.

Attended by many of Lithuania's leading green energy business people, the event, called “Solar Energy and Lithuanian Business: Good Practices and Challenges”, was held on Thursday 7th February. Installed by contractors I + D Energias Lietuva in autumn 2018, the power plant will reduce CO2 emissions by 733.6 tonnes per year.

Giedrius Viederis, General Manager of Retal Lithuania, opened the event, where he explained that this huge project was driven by the obligation to both conserve the environment and consume clean energy for the sake of future generations. Thanking the partners and representatives of the LVPA for financing the project, he said, “Today, Retal is also taking a step forward. The solemn opening of the largest roof-top solar power plant in the Baltic States is the result of a three-year project by many people to implement our idea.”

Guests included Marius Skuodis, Deputy Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania, Rytis Kėvelaitis, Adviser to the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, representatives of the Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA), Arnoldas Gaudiešius, Director of Large Business Clients Department and representatives from companies from across Lithuania interested in the use of renewable energy.

The event also included an interesting panel discussion where guests, Albertas Trakimavičius, Chief Energy Officer of Retal Lithuania and Rūta Jakubauskienė, Executive Director of I + D Energias Lietuva, engaged in debate about issues related to the future of renewable energy in Lithuania and financing opportunities. Viederis adds, “It was wide-ranging discussion that presented excellent information on the possibility of state aid for enterprises, important details that businesses need to know before installing solar panels and facts about the most successful large-scale solar panel plants in Lithuania and across Europe.”

Guests were given a tour of the roof-mounted solar panel plant and had the opportunity to learn about the technology used and ask questions of the suppliers involved in this project. RETAL's solar panel roof stands out for its exceptional safety and the quality of the materials used for its installation - all the solar modules have been manufactured in the European Union, giving the plant a twenty-year warranty. The power of the power plant is 1.4 MW and the value of the project exceeds one million euros.

RETAL President Anatoly Martynov notes how this investment represents the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability across its operations. Martynov says: “The installation of solar panels at our facility in Lentvaris is a key part of RETAL’s significant investment in sustainability and shows the progressive approach of the whole region. This large-scale project demonstrates our ongoing commitment to environmental protection; we intend to be as efficient as possible in increasing the use of renewable energy across the RETAL  plants.”


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Co-packers can now reuse existing stacking trays designed for standard 1810 specifications thanks to RETAL's High Grip closure solution – with over 20million units already sold.

High Grip helps customers reduce the plastic in their beverage packaging as it's the same height as a standard closure, at 19.85mm, but just 2.45g, saving around 1.3g of weight per bottle, thanks to its deeper grooves that distribute the weight across the taller lid.

Using less plastic but still maintaining excellent rigidity due to the height, the RETAL High Grip is also ideal for older people or those with reduced mobility in their hands as it's easy to hold and use – helping beverage brands to meet their CSR targets while keeping consumers happy.

RETAL worked closely with a market-leading bottle filling company to create this functional solution that delivers high market acceptance thanks to its consumer-friendly attributes such as being easy to open and grip. 


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Global packaging manufacturer RETAL's USA facility is its latest to gain the recognised food safety certificate FSSC22000.

Joining many of the RETAL plastic packaging and food-safe films production sites across Europe, RETAL PA is now approved as a certified supplier of PET preforms for food and beverage applications.

Admir Dobraca, general manager of RETAL PA, says, “The FSSC22000 is a strict and proven compliance system that confirms RETAL PA meets the highest norms of the food industry. It gives our customers and suppliers confidence that we have full competence in delivering food and beverage safe packaging from our facility here in Pennsylvania, joining the majority of our other RETAL facilities that serve the leading global beverage brands. The certification demonstrates that we follow a quality-conscious production process, guaranteed that no foreign material contaminates the PET throughout the manufacture of the preform at RETAL.”

Based on ISO Standards, the FSSC22000 is accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative and defined as 'providing a framework for effectively managing your organisation's food safety responsibilities and demonstrates your company has a robust Food Safety Management System in place that meets the requirements of your customers and consumers'.


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As a proud sponsor of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) for many years, RETAL is an ardent supporter of sport.

RETAL was honored to sponsor the international “DIAMOND CUP KYIV”. This renowned sport and beauty tournament saw the strongest athletes from 16 countries worldwide gathered in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv.

Held at the beautiful Ukrainian House, categories included classic Bodybuilding, classic Physic, Men’s Physic, Muscularmen, Body Fitness, Fitness Bikini and Wellness Fitness. The event featured many of the world's elite bodybuilders - World and European champions, winners of the other international Diamond Cup tournaments held in 2018 and the reigning Arnold Classic Europe champion.

Umpires from Spain, Estonia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine refereed the event, headed by IFBB stalwart Armando Marquez.

The press and audience were most impressed by the perfect forms on show, proving that years of hard work and dedication can create the ideal bodybuilding physique. This was clearly evident in the popular Fitness Bikini category, which featured three Ukrainian winners - Sofia Mayboroda (up to 162 cm), Eugenia Filonenko (up to 166 cm), Albina Ustimenko (over 166 cm).



BrauBeviale has proved the perfect platform for RETAL to share its latest developments, with the multi-lingual team enjoying useful conversations with customers and potential partners.

RETAL presented the company's unique High Grip closure which is now in mass production for a world leading beverage brand and various local brands. High Grip uses the new lighter 1881 PCO standard, saving about 1.3g per bottle, yet retains the convenient overall bottle height of the 1810 PCO because of the taller cap. The new closure is easy to open, not only because of the distinctive grooves, but also because it retains its rigidity due to the height. Co-packers can also continue to use existing stacking trays designed for 1810 specifications.  The High Grip eliminates the height difference of bottles and clocks in at a nominal weight of 2.45g – with production volume expected to reach 140 million units by the end of 2018.

Jean-Noel Boursiez, RETAL Closures Sales Director explained, “We worked closely with the market-leader bottle filling company to create a functional solution that delivers high market acceptance thanks to its consumer-friendly attributes such as being easy to open and grip.”

RETAL also presented its latest container development for Danone. RETAL created a new 160ml PET thermostatic jar that is crucial to the marketing strategy of this dairy giant's new yoghurt product – with RETAL's 250ml version already winning the Danone 'Best Innovative Partner' supplier award in Moscow in 2016.

Beverage packaging expert, RETAL Group R&D Anton Sugoniaev said, “We work with Danone across all our factories in Russia, providing them with preforms and closures; we are their largest supplier, so it’s a very important customer for us and an important relationship for us both. Our packaging solution is for a heritage yoghurt product that is a true embodiment of Russian family traditions, so we were excited for the challenge to work together on this important innovation.”

Congratulations on a successful BrauBeviale from everyone at RETAL.


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With over 87,000 visitors and 39% of participants stating this was their only trade show of 2018, global packaging solutions company RETAL enjoyed an active ALL4PACK event this year, with its sustainability director part of the Petnology panel discussion on the latest industry challenges.

Presenting its complete range of PET and rPET preforms, closures, containers and films, including its market-leading multilayer technology, RETAL's multilingual team met with customers and industry experts to discuss the ever-changing trends and the all-important demands of consumers, including the need for more sustainable solutions.

RETAL's sustainability director Emmanuel Duffault was a participant in the Petnology Conference panel discussion at ALL4PACK, sharing his expertise in how leading food and drink brands can harness the responsible characteristics of rPET for their packaging and meet strict CSR targets.

Duffault says, “It was a positive discussion, focused on the advantages of rPET and PET over packaging alternatives. I was interested to hear my fellow panelist Christian Detrois from Nestle share his thoughts on the strong sustainability aspects of PET thanks to its lower carbon footprint. We also talked about how the consumer perception of plastic is low, but actually the key issues are its collection and recycling. I appreciated being invited to participate in such an important industry event.”

Protect with multilayer

The RETAL stand included its latest weight-reducing High Grip closure solution that is now in mass production, the 100% rPET preforms that RETAL converts for Nestle Pure Life and a selection of the PET yoghurt containers developed for Danone's 'heritage' dairy brand in Russia. It also showed its highly-respected multilayer solutions, which RETAL has been investing in and developing in Europe since 2003.

Emilie Chassagnard-Perreau, Commercial Manager at RETAL France, says, “The objective with multilayer is to compete with the performance of glass bottles while keeping the advantages of plastic: lighter weight and reduced carbon footprint – both key topics at this year's ALL4PACK. We talked with a number of leading French food and beverage brands as well as with major global brands to share our broad range of complete solutions that meet their strict demands and are already chosen by many household names.”


RETAL is delighted to announce that our General Manager Rosen Ruschev has won a prestigious Bulgarian Business Initiative award.

Ruschev is General Manager of RETAL Balkan, based in Sliven, Bulgaria, where the announcement of the Dobri Zhelyazkov Prize for Business Initiative 2018 was made, with the presentation ceremony held on October 25th, 2018.

Named after the renowned first Bulgarian factory owner, Sliven-born industrialist Dobri Zhelyazkov, the award celebrates 'economic initiative' and was announced by the Municipality of Sliven.

Rosen Ruschev is proud of this award, noting that it was gained thanks to the hard work and commitment of his team. Ruschev says, “This award represents a seal of approval for our concientous approach to innovation across our RETAL activities. For me, it also shows that we have strong teamwork and reliable efficiency, as the award celebrates initiative, which is imperative for our continued success.”

RETAL Balkan is a leading player in the Balkan region, producing standard and customized preforms and closures for local, national and multinational customers across the food and beverage sector.

RETAL's President Anatoly Martynov,  on behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulated the General Manager and his team on winning this recognised award.


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Global packaging solutions provider RETAL is taking its  sustainability ambitions one step further by committing to purchasing even more renewable energy, helping its global customers to meet their ambitious GHG (Green House Gas) reduction targets. 

RETAL PA in the US is the latest RETAL factory to join its carbon footprint reduction activities, with general manager Admir Dobraca saying it has reached an agreement with power supplier IGS Energy to provide RETAL PA with 100% renewable electricity.  

IGS Energy presented RETAL PA with a certificate to confirm that all the energy supplied to RETAL PA is guaranteed to come from renewable sources.  

RETAL's President Anatoly Martynov is encouraging the company's sustainability push to continuously reduce its carbon footprint by taking real steps to protect the environment.

Martynov explains, “RETAL has already been investing in more environmentally friendly energy solutions; our two Lithuanian facilities – which supply packaging solutions to customers across Europe and beyond -  have been buying 100% renewable energy since 2016, bringing their GHG emissions very close to zero. Globally 20% of RETAL’s electricity consumption will now come from renewable sources, and RETAL is committed to increasing its purchasing of renewable energy in the future.”

RETAL's sustainability director Emmanuel Duffaut is vocal in the commercial advantages of renewable energy, “Most of our main customers have pledged to fight climate change by reducing their products’ carbon footprint. Packaging represents, on average, 20%-40% of the carbon footprint of our customers' products and so they expect us to help them reach their goals by reducing our own products’ carbon footprint. Purchasing renewable electricity produced from wind, hydraulic, solar and biomass sources allows us to achieve this. Plus, by increasing the demand of renewable energy, we will contribute to the transition to a low carbon economy. By aligning both our and our customers' CSR goals, we can all do the right thing.”


Confirmed investment will allow RETAL to use up to 100% recycled material starting mid 2019, decreasing waste and increasing overall production efficiency at its APET film factory in Lithuania. The new line in Lithuania will add a further 40% capacity to the global packaging company's extensive APET film capability to ensure a high-quality product and excellent consistent service for its customers throughout Europe and beyond. 

With the growing market demand environmentally-friendly packaging, RETAL Baltic's APET film is aligned with the trend. Viktorija Jureviciute, General Manager RETAL Baltic, says, “APET film can create a closed loop for raw materials. We can take up to 100% secondary material to produce our films, so that's a lot of industrial and post industrial waste being utilized in a sustainable and effective manner. APET films from RETAL bring environmental and economical value for our customers.” 

Post consumer- and post industrial waste is taken from the market, alongside its own PET waste, to create the rPET used in its films, bringing RETAL Baltic as close as possible to the closed loop strategy it aims to achieve.  

Jureviciute says, “We also support our customers' own closed loop; we take back waste material to recycle, and not just our own waste. Every year we use less energy and recycle more. We work together with our customers to deliver better value – not just a better price - throughout the production process.” 

Total Film 

RETAL's film business has been consistently growing as its customers' demand has increased. Jureviciute notes, “We have many long-standing customer relationships; our investment and development runs alongside their changing needs. We have a significant share of the thermoforming and FFS (Form, Fill, Seal) markets in Europe, not just for monolayer PET but also with multilayer solutions, which is growing considerably.” 

“In the growing niche market of metallized films, we are also developing a strong reputation as preferred supplier,” adds Jureviciute. “They're particularly popular in confectionery packaging – we have ten different shades of gold metallized film for chocolate packaging! We supply the leading chocolate brands.” 

RETAL has been producing high quality films for over a decade, including a range of BOPET and LDPE heat shrink films, made in its factories outside of Lithuania, to meet the exacting demands of its customers.