Bopet film
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Capacity to produce 16,000 tons of BoPET film annually

Thickness ranging from 10-50my

A-B-C structure, exterior anti-block additive

Assortment includes BoPET P11/P21, C11, MP11/MC11

Transparent, opaque, colored

Also available: metalization

BoPET films have gained immense popularity thanks to the development of flexible packaging and labels. BoPET films are currently used as part of composite films to package food products: mayonnaises, ketchups, sauces, confections, pasta, chrunchy snacks, breakfast cereal, tea, coffee, and fresh and frozen items, as well as perfumes, light industry products, and medical products.

Applications for BoPET films are extensive: coating paper and clothing, board prototypes, metalized decorative elements on cloth; insulation in the production of firefighter uniforms, thermal protection of buildings, electrical insulation; anti-adhesive and thermal films.

BoPET films’ unique properties are used in aviation and shippingto make boat sails and anti-sun blinds, and even to cover the backs of solar batteries.

Multilayer composites with BoPET film substrates have high durability, thermal resistance, excellent barrier properties, and resistance to solvents.



  • General-purpose transparent films, including electrically insulating films (10-50 μm)
  • Transparent corona-treated films for printing, laminating, and manufacturing food- and general-purpose packaging (10-50 μm)
  • Transparent films with a special copolymer coating for improved adhesion and paints and glues – for printing, laminating, and manufacturing food- and general-purpose packaging (10, 12, 23, 35 μm)
  • Opaque corona-treated film for printing, laminating, and manufacturing packaging (12, 19 μm)
  • Metalized films with enhanced barrier properties with respect to water vapor permeability for printing, laminating, and manufacturing packaging for food products (10-50 μm)

To choose the best packaging option, contact the specialists on our sales team or technical support team. They will help you make a choice that accounts for your equipment and special requirements.