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27 / Jul / 2023
Interplas Insights

Sustainable future for plastic preforms in North America

Consumers in North America are increasingly appreciating sustainable packaging options, but not ahead of price and convenience, so shows a McKinsey study that aims to ‘get inside the minds of consumers’ in the US. With the understanding that the packaging value chain will have to change to stay in step with the evolving demands of consumers, it makes interesting reading for plastic packaging producers. 
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12 / Jun / 2023
Press release

SBTi approves RETAL’s targets

RETAL’s near-term Science Based Targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), materializing this multinational plastic packaging producer’s commitment to mitigating its impact on climate change.  
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03 / Jun / 2023
Sustainable Packaging News

Powering RETAL PA

Energy efficiency is an important topic across RETAL PA. We need to know that we have reliable energy to power our plant in order to keep production and operations running smoothly, but we also need to know where that energy is coming from and how it is being managed.
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01 / Jun / 2023
Press release

Head of R&D to present tethered closures insight…

RETAL’s Head of R&D Anton Sugoniaev will be participating in the Plastic Closures Innovations event in Barcelona. From 13th – 15th June, this respected industry event, hosted by AMI, will take place, with many industry partners and decision makers present.
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31 / May / 2023
Sustainable Packaging News

RETAL’s Commitment to Carbon Footprint Reduction and Energy…

Our RETAL Iberia plant has recently gained the ISO50001:2018 certification for energy efficiency management, now our third plant to achieve this, alongside RETAL Lithuania and RETAL Czech.
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27 / Apr / 2023
Sustainable Plastics

Equipment can make a difference

Integrating sustainability at every stage is a cornerstone of responsible plastic packaging production. We know that making smart decisions when it comes to material choices and reducing waste is a logical part of the journey, but what about earlier on in the process?
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25 / Apr / 2023
PET Planet

Retal Iberia gains ISO50001 energy certificate

The ISO50001:2018 energy certificate has recently been awarded to Retal Iberia following an external audit.
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24 / Apr / 2023
Press release

RETAL Iberia gains ISO50001 energy certificate

The ISO50001:2018 energy certificate has recently been awarded to RETAL Iberia following an external audit. 
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10 / Apr / 2023
Packaging Insights

Retal’s sustainability director: CSR reports must be more…

A sustainability report is the essential tool in communicating corporate social responsibility goals and actions to any organization’s stakeholders, from employees to customers to financial institutions.
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