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01 / Oct / 2019

RETAL creates responsible alternative to black carbon masterbatch films

Popular in non-food and food-grade packaging for meat, fish, dairy and ready meals, black and metallized films are currently very difficult to recycle as the infrared is absorbed by the carbon instead of being reflected towards the sensor, rendering the material invisible.
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25 / Sep / 2019
Packaging Europe

FachPack 2019: Exhibitor perspectives

The RETAL Baltic team of film experts will be on hand to discuss our latest line that produces films of up to 100 per cent rPET, a great boost from our current 60 per cent rPET.
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12 / Sep / 2019
Packaging Europe

The promising dance of sustainability and convenience

The multinational team across RETAL's global manufacturing is continually looking at ways to ensure that its products are lighter and smarter, with clever ways to make sure that the PET preforms, closures and containers it creates are taking part of the responsibility on board.
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17 / Jul / 2019
Packaging Today

Keep a lid on it

Innovations in closures and caps give brand-owners an opportunity to differentiate through convenience and style – and helps packaging manufacturers stay ahead of the game. With lightweighting and clever design key in the more visible role of closures and caps, Emma-Jane Batey speaks to players across the packaging value chain to learn more. Light yet […]
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