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03 / Apr / 2020
Sustainable Plastics

RETAL volunteers in the fight against COVID-19

Plastics have got a bad rap over the past decade. Plastic packaging, especially, has borne the brunt of public outrage. Yet today, the emergence of COVID-19 and consequent overwhelming demand globally for personal protective equipment have cast new light on the production and use of plastic packaging materials.  
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23 / Mar / 2020
Drinkworld Technology & Martketing

Shared values in Beverage Closures

Creating reliable, responsible preforms and closures drives RETAL’s cooperation with beverage brands around the world. Collaborating with many of the world’s leading FMCG brands keeps RETAL leading the way when it comes to cost-effective, high volume PET and rPET preforms, closures and films, with its deep understanding of the latest regulations and trends allowing this packaging solutions company to consistently bring quality and flexibility to its customers.
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17 / Mar / 2020
Sustainable Plastics

Opinion: Plastics may be down, but are not out

Ensuring the circularity of plastics - all plastics - is key to the future of the industry. Sustainability is increasingly at the heart of brand development, regardless of industry or sector. Whether it’s the CSR communication of a global business or the promise of a more responsible approach from a start-up, sustainability impacts us all. 
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11 / Mar / 2020
Business Focus


Trusted partners enable development over and above what individual companies can do alone. With the right support, service and communication, partners across the supply chain are hugely valued and much appreciated.
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