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28 / Jan / 2021
In the media / MonValley Independent

Lithuania native finds opportunity in Donora

Moving across the Atlantic Ocean from Lithuania to Pittsburgh in December 2019 to become general manager of global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL’s Donora plant was a career opportunity for Darius Janulionis that came about because of his proven leadership ability.
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20 / Jan / 2021
In the media / PETplanet

PET preform that helps to extend shelf life

Global plastic packaging manufacturer Retal is actively working with a leading food and agri-business to manufacture a PET preform that helps to extend the shelf life of its popular refrigerated drinking yoghurt in Africa.
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10 / Dec / 2020
In the media / Plastics News

Retal molding plant gives struggling PA town another…

Donora, Pa. — In 2016, Cyprus-based Retal Industries Ltd. decided to pick a former Spartech Corp. compounding plant in Pennsylvania as its first U.S. base. Donora's nickname "home of the champions" proved to be as relevant today as it was in its 1950s heyday as the company's decision to locate there gave the community another chance.
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15 / Nov / 2020
In the media / Inside Food&Drink


The pace of RETAL’s ongoing development shows no sign of slowing down, even though 2020 has been full of unforeseen challenges. The global plastic packaging manufacturer has been able to stay close to its investment and progression strategy this year, with its ambitious CSR strategy underpinning its success.
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09 / Nov / 2020
In the media / Sustainable Plastics


Working for a plastic packaging manufacturer isn't always something people want to shout about at parties, especially if they are a passionate advocate of environmental projects in their local community. But for Danielle Cycak, Supply Chain Manager at RETAL, being on the inside is the perfect way to make a real difference.
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04 / Nov / 2020

«RETAL Украина»: инновации, нацеленные в будущее

Компания «RETAL Украина» входит в состав международной группы RETAL, которая более 20 лет работает на рынке пластиковой упаковки. Инновационная активность компании направлена на достижение целей устойчивого развития.
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23 / Oct / 2020
Cyprus Times

RETAL Cyprus celebrates its 5th Birthday

In all the best success stories, it is not one person that makes the difference, but rather a motivated team of like-minded individuals that come together to achieve a big goal. This is certainly true of RETAL Cyprus, the Limassol-based plastic packaging factory, part of RETAL Industries, which celebrated its fifth anniversary on 9th October this year.
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28 / Jul / 2020
Simply Communicate

Stay connected: Adapting intranet needs at RETAL

Effective internal communications for a global company brings many advantages but can be hard to implement and maintain. With various stakeholders and their differing needs, creating an engaging communications strategy is an opportunity for commercial and organisational goals to be met.
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24 / Jul / 2020
Business Focus


The new space is dedicated to an updated central group laboratory to maintain the company’s international-standard quality assurance and testing, as well as expanding working and auxiliary spaces for administration and production employees. It sees the previous 700sqm site now doubled to 1400sqm, in addition to its production facilities.
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